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Your desire is to bring positive change? We are here for you.

We support you to become the change you want to see in the world. We help you identify your impact barriers, your pain points, and even more importantly: ways to increase your impact and your resilience.

Being change agents ourselves, we know best how difficult it is to aim for higher goals without burning out or feeling ineffective.

We offer trainings, coachings and cohort based journeys on a wide range of topics -

all to strengthen you and your impact.

Here are a few examples of topics we love to tackle with you:

  • Feeling what is needed: Embodiment competence for inner and outer change

  • Mapping your influence: Effectively positioning yourself for the impact you wish to have

  • Identifying ressources: Find your way out in case you lack funding, stability or the right people to thrive with

You do not consider yourself a change agent? But you are seeking purpose?

We are also offering peer-to-peer services and strategies to easily harness your passion for the better. 
Together we shape new ways to connect, initiate transformations, speak up - and are heard.

Changing yourself. Changing the world.

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FindingSustainia New Year's Journey 2024

  • Webinar
  • Started Dec 30, 2023 at 4:00 PM CET

Online journey based on 3 workshops and a PDF journal

Purpose or paranoia?

Do you feel you are not quite on the right path? There is still something you lack for yourself? And for your impact in the world? These are questions we want to work on with you. We do not always have the perfect answer right at the beginning. But our great team and tested strategies will help you answering your specific questions, capitalizing on your experiences and talents to create your most effective path while walking. 

Team members explain...

... why FindingSustainia is worth joining!

"Working in the context of climate protection, I always feel that my impact could be bigger. Being surrounded by like-minded people is the first step for aiming higher - together."

Janine Müller


"I was looking for inspirational content  applicable for making a difference. FindingSustainia is offering a hand for easy access to purpose and change. "

Aaditya Jain


"FindingSustainia is not just about passively receiving. It's about engaging deeply with ourselves, with one another and with our world. It's about connecting and sharing knowledge, ideas and support for optimum impact."

Ann Moradian


Ever heard of Change Agent Loneliness?

In our TED talk on the topic, Santa Meyer-Nandi explains how loneliness and compassion burnout are identified as major stumbling blocks in change agents. In this talk, Santa explores the necessary inner and external resources one can harness to thrive and bring about transformation. 

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FindingSustainia Logbook

Sometimes it's just best to choose the right time and place to sit down and to have a good old real-pen-and-paper-session with yourself. We love all that: room for thought, the right questions, the right material... it's in the making, so stay tuned. 

Interested in our Logbook?

We are creating a journal with lots of room for your own thoughts, templates from our workshops and guidance for a well-structured process of self-development and strategic engagement for our common goal: world development.