About us

FindingSustainia Think and Action Lab is a network of transdisciplinary experts, facilitators and entrepreneurs striving to make transformational impacts.

FindingSustainia was started as a blog in Germany 10 years back by Santa Meyer- Nandi and Anna Katharina Meyer. Together they have been awarded Best Sustainability Blogger 2018, they are among the #sustainable100 most influencial change makers in Germany and founded The Hub in 2021. The Hub gathers Though Leaders for environmental and social change to shape the way we connect, speak up - and be heard.

FindingSustaina is well-known for its 30-day sustainability challenges and its VISH methodology. Based on these, The Hub offers a whole ecosystem to join and to be inspired by.

Santa Meyer-Nandi, Paris
LL.M, Behaviorial Change Expert, coach, consultant, keynote speaker and lecturer on sustainability, habit change & well-being, Think Tank 30 of the Club of Rome member, FutureWoman, Klimawette co-founder

Anna Katharina Meyer, Duesseldorf
M.A., MBA, Renewable Energy Expert, climate activist, speaker and lecturer, PhD candidate (HHU Duesseldorf), researching on management control and sustainability accounting, senior expert in the field of sustainability accounting and impact investments for United Sustainability, Think Tank 30 of the Club of Rome member, FutureWoman, Klimawette co-founder
www.findingsustainia.org|Future Women Portrait|LinkedIn

Abhinav Agarwal, Paris Entrepreneur and innovation consultant, former lecturer at the HEC Paris, Frugal Innovation Expert, building an ecovillage and social incubator an hour from Paris run by the cooperative Les Aimeraudes that practices shared governance. He has an expertise in creating communities of practice around innovation.
Founder of www.frugal-company.com|www.lesaimeraudes.com |LinkedIn

Our team is constantly growing and we are collaborating with wonderful organisations for our different Hub-formats. If you are interested to work with us, drop us a line via LinkedIn or our contact form.

If you are a Thought Leader or want to connect us with an inspiring mind, let us now. It's our biggest pleasure to get to know great people.

We are looking forward to enlarge the tribe and to meet you!