Frugal Innovation for a Better Future

Frugal Innovation for a Better Future

If we were to find a soundtrack for our 2nd VISH Ring on Frugal Innovation with the magnificent Abhinav Agarwal we would strongly vote for Louis Armstrongs "What a Wonderful World".

Yes, sure there is a lot of less wonderful things happening. The climate catastrophy is real, so are burnout, global warming, and over-consumption. However, with our wonderful FindingSustainia VISH-Ring-methodology at hand, it is clear to first focus on what kind of a world we want to see, best practice examples (V for Vision), how it would feel to be, act, move, work in this Better World (I for Intuiting), and then, only then, look at the obstacles (S for Stumbling Blocks - Shadows), what is holding us back, both internally in our individual and collective mindsets and actions as humanity.

Our 2nd VISH Ring was again just a mind-blowing, heart-opening, inspiring, intimate experience - an international group of humans with an amazing repertoire of insights and expertises - from an impact investor to a professor to a speaker, a professional from the chemical industry, gender and New work expert, a policy designer, to name a few- from all continents coming together on a Friday evening (for some of us, and for others night or afternoon) investing two hours of our time to learn, exchange and share on how to make this world a better place through the lense of frugal innovation, how sufficiency and plenitude go well hand in hand and what is holding us back. But before we go into expaining too much, here is one slide showing one element of our VISH on Frugal Innovation.

Are curious about how it feels going through such a VISH process? Come and join us for our next VISH Ring on Tuesday, the 15th of February, 6pm (CET) on New Work from a feminine perspective with Carolin Fuerst, Head of Creation from Future Living. We are looking forward to your registration!

If you have questions or ideas for new topics, feel free to contact us.

A VISH Ring by FindingSustainia will take place once a month and we are happy if you spread the word and invite others to join, too!