New Work from a Feminine & Embodiment Perspective

New Work from a Feminine & Embodiment Perspective

Since we have somehow started to give a soundtrack to each VISH Ring, the song for our last Ring on New Work through the lense of feminine values and embodiment with Carolin Fuerst and Ann Moradian would be...."We are Family" by Sister Sledge.

While we curate and put a lot of heart and mind into our events, we always hold and leave space for serendipity and magic, and it never ceases to amaze us what happens when beautiful people from all over the world and time zones, from the private and public sector, come together and create spaces in their busy agendas to attend an event around making the world a better place. So much generosity, intrinsic motivation, creativity, kindness and the willingness to be of service. To roll up our sleeves, breathe, know it's hard, reunite and act.

Carolin Fürst swept us away with her insights on New Work, her perspectives and distinctions on feminine and masculine values. Yes, listening to her, the future is feminine, or let's say: a good balance between both forces. Little disclaimer: We all hold feminine and masculine values - it is about balancing them in ourselves, in organisations as well as globally.

And then there was Ann Moradian, soft and strong, leading us back to our body, giving us incredible insights, and then experience on embodiment. Sometimes we have to feel it first to understand, and of course it also works vice versa on what embodiment is, and how it feels. As always, we are sharing the first part of our event in the video below, and leave the results of the VISH process we then did with the whole group in the realms of your imagination.

(VIDEO soon to follow)

You VISHed you had not missed our last event? Don't worry: we are planning many more events like this. Here are the slides we as a group created together in our VISH on the…

Vision of how we want the world of work to look…

…and feel like (Intuiting)

…what Stumbling Blocks/Shadows exist

…and of course, move over to the How/Healing.

As you can see our S and H are inspired by Jung's Shadow Work. We love to play, and most of all we love to play with you.

Our 4th VISH-Ring with the title "Dancing with Complexity" will take place on Fri, the 11th of March, at 17-19h CET

We hope to see you there!

VISHing us all the courage, optimism and grit,

Santa, Anna, Abhinav, Andrea and the rest of our team


Event announcement:

4th VISH-Ring: Dancing with Complexity - Embodiment Practices, Science of Well-Being and Burnout Prevention for Change agents.

Have you ever heard of burn-out in change agents, such as activists or people in care professions? How can we burn for a cause and give our best, and at the same time stay well-grounded and embodied and not burn ourselves out?

In our 4th VISH-Ring Santa and Ann Moradian will talk about how to identify and address vocational burnout from an individual and organizational perspective, and explore and develop resilience-building and self-care strategies through intertwining Ann's embodiment and movement perspective and Santa's expertise on the Science of Well-Being and being a positive activist herself.

And of course, we will conclude by taking you through our mental contrasting VISH-Ring method, co-creating the tools and strategies to make y/our VISHes come true.

Ann Moradian is a movement artist, educator, writer and advocate for systemic health and healthy ecologies. She has over 40 years of movement-based experience, an MA in embodied practice, a DU in Improvisation and a BA in Arts and Society. Feel free to check out her site:

Who is in? We can't wait. Come and register here.