FindingSustainia Think and Action Lab provides premium services to industry experts and individuals looking for future-oriented content in innovation and sustainability.

The FindingSustainia network is composed of Thought Leaders offering unique, curated, and actionable content.

The Hubs ecosystem is composed of the following formats:

E-Learning / webinars: Participate in webinars and benefit from our e-learnings that are based on a proven structure and supports you with all the knowledge and material needed.

Podcast: Based on your VISH-methodology we talk to inspiring Thought Leaders connecting you with their thinking about what the world needs and how to get there.

RING of alchemists: Get your ideas challenged through our panel of transdisciplinary Thought Leaders and experts that have all the answers to your questions, or at least can direct you towards the right direction.  

Reciprocity RING: The reciprocity ring is a periodic meeting format to engineer serendipity through our network, "ask and you shall receive" !

Blog / newsletter: Stay tuned on how The Hub is developing and what we are up to. Read inspiring interviews, learn about new methods, and get to know the magic spark of our ecosystem.