You are invited: 1st VISH Ring

You are invited: 1st VISH Ring

Let's VISH-RING! We call upon Thought Leaders, visionaries, experts, questioners, and anyone passionate about turning the climate crisis around for a more humane, healthy, and livable future world.

After the mostly disappointing results of the COP26, participants of the VISH Ring was called upon for their advice on handling the desperate Climate Crisis and the shift towards a new world.  

What will be the ingredients to prepare ourself and our organizations for the next decade? And what could this new world look, feel and taste like?
Drop by, and bring your superpower.

Please register here for the online-event (hosted in Paris, 5-7pm on Friday, 26.11.2021)!

As you know, within the FindingSustainia ecosystem, we developed the VISH-RING as means to bring together the polarities of two worlds: the world of science, expertise and scalability and merge it with the world of big utopias, visions and yes, a generous dash of magic dust.

Science of personal development, for something as concrete as weight loss or a sporting routine, has shown that lasting, sustainable transformation only works with having a vision/"Sustainia" and objective, i.e. a sensation what it would feel, smell, look like as well as a concrete goal. Paving the ground to leading to Sustainia, we then identify obstacles (no, it's never good only seeing "problems", but being prepared for challenges is always good!!!) and then move forward with a plan!

Creating a RING of inspiring people, or lots of RINGs in the long rung, is something we see as a powerful tool to make our deepest VISHs come true. And we base these gatherings on certain values and principles. We hope, you are sharing these, too. We love you to feel this warm welcoming, strengthening surrounding when we are together.

For this first official VISH Ring, we call upon everyone who's interest is to create a Better Me in a Better World and then explore strategies to go there. Not alone. But together with a wonderful tribe of wonderful humans. Damn serious!

This event, which is free-of-charge and free of any obligations or commitments, is facilitated by

Santa Meyer-Nandi, Paris
LL.M, Behaviorial Change Expert, coach, consultant, keynote speaker and lecturer (University of Mannheim, given keynotes at LMU changemaker days 2019) on sustainability, habit change & well-being, Think Tank 30 of the Club of Rome member, FutureWoman, Klimawette co-founder||LinkedIn

Anna Katharina Meyer, Duesseldorf
M.A., MBA, Renewable Energy Expert, climate activist, speaker and lecturer, PhD candidate (HHU Duesseldorf), researching on management control and sustainability accounting, senior expert in the field of sustainability accounting and impact investments for United Sustainability, Think Tank 30 of the Club of Rome member, FutureWoman, Klimawette co-founder|Future Women Portrait|LinkedIn

Abhinav Agarwal, Paris Entrepreneur and innovation consultant, former lecturer at the HEC Paris, Frugal Innovation Expert, building an ecovillage and social incubator an hour from Paris run by the cooperative Les Aimeraudes that practices shared governance. He has an expertise in creating communities of practice around innovation.
Founder of| |LinkedIn

Our team is constantly growing and we are collaborating with wonderful organisations for our different Hub-formats. If you are interested to work with us, drop us a line via LinkedIn or our contact form.

If you are a Thought Leader or want to connect us with an inspiring mind, let us now. It's our biggest pleasure to get to know great people.

We are looking forward to enlarge the tribe and to meet you!

Local Paris Beat for #theCC21 with FindingSustainia is organizing the VISH Ring