Your VISH is ours

Your VISH is ours

FindingSustainia is the place for Thought Leaders to display their vision, their expertise, their actionable content, or, more simply said: their unique perspective on how the world we want to live in could look, be and feel like. Striving towards a Better World - from the individual to the global level - this is what unites us. This applies for you, as a dear cherished reader, as a member of our ecosystem, as a Thought Leader, or team member. We are all in this together.

To make the great amount of magnificant content easier to handle, easier to understand, predictable, and the FindingSustainia-way, we developed the VISH-RING. The what?

Here, we tell you what it's about and what the acronyms for our VISH-RING stand for.

VISH sounds like "Wish", and while wishing is definitely part of the equation, we know from all the behavioural science we have studied for years, that it takes much more to make our visions and goals come true. It takes imagination, passion, as well as preparing for and anticipating possible stumbling blocks. And of course, you need to know how to get there!

The RING is meant to be both understood as a ring, or circle/tribe, and represent the values we deem important. The reason we explicitly state these values is part of a "VISH" as well, as they function as pre-requisites for this Better World we want to be part of.

In personal development a method called WOOP coined by Gabriele von Oettingen exists that we have been deeply inspired by. Our approach takes a similar approach in addressing societal challenges and projects, and adds the element of a set of values for our RING.

How to capitalize on this method?

We will take you through an array of subjects around sustainability, social justice, and well-being following the VISH-RING Method. Each of our Thought Leaders displays his or her topic using this structure. But for which reason? To help us all to have an anchor while expanding our view and knowledge on this world. We of course also offer deepening the knowledge in our additional cohort based learnings and in our podcast and events.

Do you have an idea for an inspiring VISH, or know someone we should absolutely meet? We'd love to hear from you, and co-construct a bigger VISH for a Better Me in a Better World.

With enthusiastic aspirations

Santa, Anna, Abhinav and the FindingSustainia Team